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In 2011 the American Littoral Society was awarded Clean Water Act [319(h)]  funding from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to Prioritize and implement targeted stormwater management strategies to reduce water pollution (nutrient, pathogen, and sediment loading) to Long Swamp Creek, Lower Toms River and Barnegat Bay.

Our Principal Investigator is Dr. Stephen Souza, President of Princeton Hydro, LLC

Our project partners include: 

Ocean County Soil Conservation District
Ocean County Department of Planning  
Ocean County Department of Engineering and Roads
Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve

Barnegat Bay has been in recent serious ecological decline due to numerous factors including overdevelopment of its watershed lands.

Studies have linked the decline in Barnegat Bay’s water quality and negative ecosystem impacts to multiple pollution sources including a recent USGS report which attributed pollution loads as: 22% Atmospheric Deposition (e.g. coal power plants & automobile emissions) 12% Groundwater Introduction and 66% from Land Use and Development  (e.g. Stormwater runoff, non-point source “stormwater” pollution).

In recent years, it has become evident that many existing stormwater basins are not functioning in a way that fully utilizes their pollution reduction potentiall and some are even adding to flooding conditions due to compacted soils that do not properly 'recharge' storm events into the ground . There are over 2,700 stormwater basins located in the Barnegat Bay watershed and the American Littoral Society is committed to researching and implementing innovative approaches to retrofit them to improve the health of the Bay. In essence, we are finding ways to "replumb" the bay and reduce runoff through "Green Infrastructure" techniques which also recharge greater quantities of stormwater.

toms river rutgers stormwater basin clip image002Over 3 years our Clean Water Project will:

  • Develop a multi-faceted prioritization methodology to help us and others select and prioritize which stormwater retrofits will deliver the most improvement to the bay for funds available. This component of the project is complete and we are now developing an action plan to put this to use in the next phases of our project and to share it with others who can put it to good use in the watershed and beyond. 
  • Physically retrofit selected basins for more effective pollutant removal and recharge
  • Study the water quality results of several retrofitted basins 
  • Educate numerous professionals and the general public about improving water quality through stormwater retrofit  projects, soil restoration and other Green Infrastructure techniques

NEW in 2015!

Our complete project brochure is now available!  Click here to view information about all of our Green Infrastructure and stormwater tools and sites. Contact us to find out how your community, business or other location can become a "Clean Water Champion" for Barnegat Bay!

As the project work advances, we will update these webpages. Please check back frequently to keep up with our progress. Outreach and Education is a main component of this project and as workshops and other project milestones are reached, we will provide you with access to the educational materials.